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The Good The Better and the Great Coach - Luke Chung - The Impactful Leadership Show - Episode #001

February 3, 2022

Develop an environment that empowers your team to take chances and grow while also learning from their mistakes. An incredible leader and entrepreneur in his own right, Luke Chung is here to teach you how to become the Great Leader who empowers their team instead of settling as a lesser leader with a less effective team. Get ready to learn about accepting mistakes and asking the right questions after, delegation through defining processes, and how to sustain a successful organization over time.



  • There are three types of leaders and it’s helpful to look at them as football coaches. The first is the Good Coach, followed by the Better Coach, and finally, the best leader is the Great Coach.
  • The Good Coach will plan ahead, train their people, and when it comes time to execute, everyone knows what they’re supposed to do and they do it. This is the base level and the other Coaches do this at a minimum and then more on top of it.
  • When the Better Coach calls a play, the players are able to recognize if the environment has changed because they are closer to the data and then they are empowered to call an audible that their coach has trained them to call.
  • The Great Coach can train their players to call an audible that the coach wouldn’t call. This is because they see the data and know they can make the play that they call.
  • Part of being a great leader is creating an environment where your people are empowered to make decisions and know they’re allowed to do it because they know what the endgame is.
  • You have to accept that there is a non-0% chance of mistakes. Accept that mistakes happen but ask why they happened. Eg: Was the wrong decision made? Was there a process in place that wasn’t done? Was someone not trained properly? Values Problem?
  • The leader must define the processes and the others must execute them. If a situation arises that has never been seen before and therefore has no process in place to handle it, the leader must take full responsibility. Ask what the team learned afterward!


Quote of the Show: 

  • “You want to inspire people to be able to make the right decisions in new environments that you or they have never seen before. And then when they make mistakes, you have to look back and say, okay, why did that mistake occur?” - Luke Chung



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